We’re dedicated to Muay Thai and Kickboxing, and we love the fun that come with it.

Our goal? To build a community in Toronto where we grow as people and fighters, enjoying every step of the journey.

Work  Hard

Play Hard

Group fitness is  for those who thrive in a team environment or enjoy the community of a gym and the competition that can come from working along side others. 

ADULT Group classes

This service is for clients who have a specific goal in mind and could use some accountability or guidance to help reach them.

personal training



Your Fitness,
Our Expertise.


Our program introduces children to Muay Thai and kickboxing, emphasizing social skills, emotional intelligence, and healthy habits. It's a nurturing space where kids learn respect, teamwork, and self-discipline, all while engaging in physical fitness and developing lifelong wellness practices.



Our teen program combines Muay Thai and kickboxing with a focus on emotional maturity and discipline. It's designed to help teens develop personal goals, self-control, respect, and resilience.


200+ 5 Star reviews

Don't just take our word for it 

Jordan K.

My son has been taking kickboxing for 1.5 years. The staff, location and facilities are incredible. It’s a great way for him to let off steam after a school day. The instruction is done in a fun and constructive way. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in his confidence and coordination since he started.

Josh S.

I started at TKMT about a year ago, and since then it has become a second home for me. It may have started just as a gym, but has become something much larger than that now. The gym has a very strong sense of community and has really come a long way in terms of building a culture and identity for themselves, and I'm happy to be a part of it.

Whether you're trying to train for a fight, improve your Muay Thai abilities or just get a good sweat, TKMT Danforth is the place you want to be. There are people of all different skill levels and abilities there, so you never really feel out of place and the coaches make sure of that. See you soon!

Brodie T.

Great vibe, top shelf trainers and always an excellent workout – what more could you want? As someone new to the sport, I was quite intimated before starting but the trainers and other members made me feel right at home as soon as I stepped in the door. The trainers really take the time to work with each member in the class and pushes you to your best no matter your skill level. The gym is always very clean and the equipment is top of the line.