TKMT started with Warren’s big love for kickboxing. Back in 2004, he started out teaching kickboxing to folks and training them one-on-one. This sparked something bigger, and soon he decided to open his own gym. While running his classes, Warren noticed most gyms were just about hard-core workouts and missed out on being welcoming or fun.

So, Warren had this cool idea: why not make a gym that’s different? A place where workouts are not just effective but also a blast, where anyone and everyone can join in.

Warren’s vision went beyond just fitness; he wanted to build a community. He dreamed of a gym where people could come together, share some laughs, and enjoy their time while getting fit. He aimed to ditch that 'gym bro' scene and make a spot where fun and community are at the heart of everything.

That’s how TKMT came to be. Warren set it up to be more than a gym; it's a place where fun, fitness, and community blend together. It’s a spot where people of all levels can work out, hang out, and feel like they’re part of something special.

We're changing the game.

We know finding a gym that feels like family is tough. At TKMT, we're changing the game by making kickboxing fun and welcoming for everyone!


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