Wellness is in How You Feel

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We at TKMT Academy not only believe in fitness and self-defence, but living a healthy lifestyle outside of the gym. We feel that all of these elements go hand-in-hand. The following is a guide to assist in creating a better you. Congratulations on taking the initiative!

If you are looking to lose weight and tone, a lifestyle change is necessary. Getting rid of unwanted fat is simply a matter of adjusting diet and activity level so you can use more calories than you consume, thus creating a calorie deficit. Essentially, the formula for a calorie deficit is:

Fewer Calories In (diet) + More Calories Out (Aerobic & Anaerobic Exercise) = FAT LOSS

This is advice most people know and few follow. Still, it’s the simple truth. Doing muscular work requires energy; your body draws that energy from the food you eat and from your fat stores. If you decrease food intake and / or increase energy output, you’ll lose fat.

SPOT REDUCING – Many people mistakenly believe that they can burn fat from around their middle by doing abdominal exercises like sit-ups and leg raises, but the fact is, spot reducing does NOT work. Doing exercises for any single muscle group doesn’t burn enough calories to noticeably reduce fat. Furthermore, when fat does come off, it comes off from all over the body – not just from the area being worked.

To get rid of excess fat, regardless of where it is, you must do exercises involving as many major muscle groups as possible – exercises like jogging, sprinting, cycling, dancing, skipping, and kickboxing – and you MUST do them consistently over a period of time.

How do you keep yourself motivated? We all know that one of the most common New Year’s Resolutions is to start going to a gym to lose weight and get in shape. However, only a few people stay with it after the first few weeks in January. Why is the case? Many people claim that they simply have no time to go to the gym and would rather watch TV after work. The average person watches anywhere from 15 – 40 hours of TV per week. Just remember, if you have the time to watch TV, you have the time to work out. As a wise personal trainer once said, “Make time, not excuses.”

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