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Will I sweat?

Absolutely. Expect nothing less.

Do I have to come with a friend/partner?

No. We will easily find another person for you to pair up with in class.

Will I have to fight someone and am I going to get hurt?

Absolutely not. This is a huge misconception that prevents many people from even trying kickboxing. Most people in the classes are there for fitness and self-defence purposes only. They end up holding Thai pads when training with a partner, but do not strike each other. Fighters that choose to spar and compete have a chance to sustain some injuries, but most members of our gym are not interested in that type of participation, which is why we have separate classes and trainers for fighters.

What is the male to female ratio?

About 50/50. We pride ourselves on having one of the highest female ratios for a Toronto Muay Thai kickboxing / combat fitness gym, which is largely attributed to the excellent workout, friendly/comfortable nature and cleanliness of our gym.

I’m a little nervous / intimidated and not sure what to expect. What is the environment of your gym like?

Not to worry. We are a non-judgmental, non-intimidating and attitude-free gym. We are a friendly and encouraging group, and our members come from all walks of life: high school/college/university students, lawyers, managers, bankers, IT, accountants, consultants, financers, hedge fund traders, insurance and stockbrokers, skilled labourers, construction workers, nurses, musicians, dancers, actors/actresses, artists, and many more. They are all there to share common goals: to get fit and learn self-defence, and competition for those that desire it. You’ll get to meet some of these great people while you’re here.

How does TKMT classes differ from Tae-Bo and aerobic/cardio kickboxing classes offered at most large gyms?

We are an authentic and specialized Muay Thai kickboxing gym. The other classes described above normally have the participants kicking and punching the air without any proper equipment or coaching. They are essentially aerobics classes that incorporate some basic kickboxing moves. Most of the people teaching those classes are aerobics instructors that have very little formal training in kickboxing, if any. In fact, several have already been to our gym looking to learn more. Our classes, on the other hand, will teach you proper Muay Thai kickboxing with all the appropriate training equipment and give you a workout you will most likely not experience anywhere else.

Why should I take lessons from TKMT?

Warren Lee is extremely passionate about Thai boxing and martial arts in general and would love to share his skills and knowledge with others. As an educator by profession, he has the skills necessary to motivate people, watch them grow and to make a positive difference in their lives. And finally, all TKMT instructors are continuously researching, learning, competing and improving to better deliver exceptional training to all of our members.

If I decide to join group classes, what training equipment do I need?

You should have your own pair of handwraps, boxing gloves and shinguards. Bring them if you have your own, or you can purchase them from our gym or on your own. It is more hygienic to have your own equipment rather than using the class set.

How often should I do these classes?

It depends on you and your desire to achieve your fitness goals. The key here is consistency. The harder you train, the greater the results. It is also important to live a healthy lifestyle outside of the gym. Check out the WELLNESS link in the banner above for our guide on wellness, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

What if I’m not very athletic or have never tried kickboxing?

Not to worry. Our program is designed to build fundamentals, and gradually improve your performance. Throughout the training sessions our instructors will work patiently to develop your skills and athletic ability. We are very particular about teaching proper techniques, and will be constantly looking to eradicate all mistakes and bad habits. And the best part is that we are all here to encourage and motivate you.

Muay Thai kickboxing for women?

Thai kickboxing has been gaining in popularity among women. Not only does it provide an excellent workout, it is also a very practical self-defense method. 

What is Thai-style kickboxing and how does it differ from regular kickboxing?

The Thai-style is also known as Muay Thai or Thai boxing, and is the unique kickboxing style of Thailand. Muay Thai is a blend of art, science and sport.