New Year = New Challenge!

Toronto Kickboxing Muay Thai Academy has a challenge for those of you with a new years resolutions for a healthier life style. Looking to lose some weight now that the holidays are over?  Looking to live a healthier lifestyle by incorporating some fun fitness activity? Are you looking for a place to decompress after work (especially after coming back from the holidays)?

Why not try the Toronto Kickboxing Muay Thai Academy for at least a month for only $120 (unlimited classes), and start your challenge?  2016 New Year means a New You!  

Toronto Kickboxing Muay Thai is a muay thai fitness gym as well as a competitive fighting gym.  Don’t let the fighters in the ring or even the fighting ring scare you away.  We operate as a fun and friendly fitness gym that pushes you in order to reach your fitness goals.  We also have a competitive fighters team where you’ll see training around the clock. If your goal is to get to a competitive fighting level some day, your place to start is here.  Don’t be afraid.  We’re friendly and one big happy family.

Once you’ve signed up, start tracking your progress:

  • Take a before picture
  • Come 3-4 times a week
  • Be sure to start eating healthy meals (just because you’re exercising it doesn’t mean you can eat anything you want)
  • Post on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram using #tkmt2016challenge hashtag and show us your results

Sign-up today if your’e looking to make a positive change in your life.  We look forward to seeing you all at the gym!